Fun Facts

  • The IUCD idea might have come from a camel.
  • Long ago, Arab camel owners would put stones in the womb of camels to prevent pregnancy. This is mostly legend though! 🙂
  • The main ‘Pill’ hormone comes from yams.
  • In the 1950s, a Mexican company manufactured progestin, the main birth control pill hormone from a wild Mexican yam called barbasco.
  • Contraceptives have been around since ancient times, around 3000 BC! There is evidence that Ancient Egyptians made condoms from animal and fish bladders or intestines. Wueh!
  • The first rubber condoms were made in the year 1855.
  • You can get the IUCD even if you are childless.
  • IUCD world for women of all ages, even those who haven’t had children yet. In fact, IUCD is a great option because it provides stress-free protection for many years while young and going through schooling and work.

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Last modified: April, 2022

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